Mobile Units Push Notifications

Mobile Units Push Notifications lets you send announcements or other messages to all of your TrackAbout Mobile 7 users.

When sent, the message appears as a notification on the user’s Android or iOS device where they have TrackAbout Mobile 7 installed.


To send general announcement messages:

  • Your TrackAbout must be configured to allow Announcements. Contact TrackAbout Support for assistance in turning on this feature.

  • You must have the “send push notification to all users” permission. To enable, go to TrackAbout Config > User Access Control > Mobile Units > Send push notification to all users and check the roles that are allowed to send push notifications.

To receive messages:

Title — The message title.

Message — The message itself. Messages must be 150 characters or less.

SEND — Click to send the message. You are prompted to confirm before the message is sent.

Enabling Notifications for TrackAbout Mobile 7

By default, TrackAbout Mobile 7 asks the user to allow notifications when first installed. If a user has opted out of allowing TrackAbout Mobile 7 to issue notifications, they can enable notifications at any time through the device’s settings.

Android: Go to Settings > Apps > TrackAbout > Notifications and click Block all off.

iOS: Go to Settings > Notifications > TrackAbout and click Allow Notifications on.